Bicycle Beano Vegetarian Cycling Holidays in Wales and the Welsh Borders of England UK
Cycling in the Snowdonia National Park, North Wales

What They Say About Bicycle Beano

"Once again I've been Beanoed!! I am back at work today – day dreaming about blue sky, sun, sea and mountains and missing the fresh air and friends I made – and with no excuse to eat lots and lots of cake! Thank you for a wonderful holiday." – ChristineMcDowell

"Every mile well worth while – the set up was just right again. You've created a unique experience – highly organised but informal and great fun." – NigelMorpeth

It was the quietness that was heard most, broken only by the sound of a cow lowing or the breeze stirring the trees and the crunch of gravel under our tires. – TheNewYorkTimes

"Thank you so much for yet another absolutely fantastic Beano! – I think that everyone appreciates the careful attention to detail that you both put in." – FranAllen

"The whole experience was beyond my wildest dreams...I found the group great fun to be with...I haven't laughed so much in a long time." – SueNorwood

We whizz past sun-dappled glades, cottonwool sheep and fields so deeply green they seem to glow. And as we cycle back along the River Wye with the shadowy Black Mountains in the distance, there's the prospect of mouthwatering food waiting for us. – TheObserver

"We had such an excellent weekend with you and the other lovely people who came along. How do you make it seem like there are more downhills than up even though we return to the point we start from? You are magicians obviously." – SophieFenwick

"I have been thinking a lot of the week we had: the wonderful people on the Beano, the delicious meals, and the freeing experience of cycling in a beautiful and pristine country." – Barbara,USA

Beautiful food, people to meet, and well planned routes along quiet country lanes. – TheTravelShow,BBC2(1986)

"My experiences were very positive with the cycling, which was done over just beautiful terrain. The meals were well prepared, filling and delicious." – SanjayGupta

"Thank you both for such a good summer's cycling – I have had such fun. As ever the holidays ran really smoothly with such a great crowd of people both old friends and new!" – LizPrior