Provisional booking form

For each person in the party, please give their name, any special dietary requirements they have and/or medical conditions we should know about. (All catering is vegetarian.)

Tick "Under 18" for anyone aged under 18 at the time of the holiday. (See our FAQ page for children's prices.)

Even if you've travelled with us before, don't assume we'll remember your medical conditions from last time - tell us again!

Accommodation preferences

Would you like a single, twin or double room? Shared or ensuite bathroom? (Single rooms and rooms with ensuite bathrooms cost more at some venues - check the individual holiday pages.) If we can't provide exactly what you want we'll contact you to discuss. See the individual holidays' pages [link opens in new window] to find out what types of accommodation are still available.

Your bike(s)

What type(s) of bike do you expect to bring? (This helps us plan the bike storage.)
Examples: road bike, tourer, hybrid, mountain bike, tandem, recumbent bike/trike, folding bike or not sure yet.
We can only guarantee storage space for one bike per person.
We don't do bike hire but we may be able to put you in touch with a rental firm - contact us to discuss before booking.

Anything else?

If you've got any other requirements, information or questions for us, you can put them here. Poems also welcome.

Your contact details

This will be our main means of contact with you, so please check it's correct!

Your postal address

Terms and conditions of booking

Please read our terms and conditions before sending your booking. We know it's boring but it is important.